Don’t Shake Out Your Blankets From The Top Tier

Steven D. Jennings


Blanket exchange is every 30 days.
Sheet exchange is every 7 days.

Some guys feel the need to shake out their blankets after they put clean sheets on their mattress. Such is the case with an old convict named Clay. Every week he dangles his blankets from the top tier and gives them a good shake.

All that dead skin, hair, lint, cookie and chip crumbs land down below in front of occupied cells. Most guys simply don’t care. Others might not realize its being done. But it’s only a matter of time before someone makes an issue of it.

Today, that someone is Vinny.

Vinny is also an old convict…mad at the world…and always involved in some sort of drama.

As he’s laying on his bunk, something catches his eye. He sits up and leans for a better view. Its two white cotton blankets dancing in front of his…

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