An introduction to my brand of artwork … work-artwork.

I’m a psychotherapist – that’s my central vocation. I see everything that way; it’s what comes easiest to me (maybe even easier than chess does).

Art allows me a way of sublimating the thoughts, feelings and reactions I have to different people, groups of people, crises … I’m often sketching something as a form of creative catalyst while actually working with somebody … therefore, words and conclusions and bits and bytes of a particular story often make their way into an image.

Here are a few … just to begin my presentation of work-place artwork.

2015-02-06 02.19.19
Looking at a chimp while I listen to people who have allowed their “human” cortex to fall into the grips of all kinds of illusions and imaginative fantasies helps to ground me.
I painted this on my own time … my goal was to try to convey my on going physical, health problems … he’s pale; the background is dirty. The white symbolizes the constant aura of nausea I felt at this time. There is color in the face, though … I was attempting to pass off appearances.
Acrylic; I took a photo of myself coming out of a London phone booth and left it with no context. Alienation?
One of my first attempts at self portrait. A dark tree in the background announces the omnipresent theme of sadness and alienation. The pen and cup symbolized utility rather than futility, for me.
2014-11-18 04.55.20
I drew Sartre with what resources I had on hand.
2014-12-26 18.41.37
An individual, apparently, had really conveyed to me (on a sub-conscious level) … what his mother “felt” like to him, visually.
2014-11-18 05.32.11
I like lots of frenetic lines and movement. I don’t have the resources, when I make these, to erase or correct. What’s there is there.
2015-01-23 01.37.29
I did a number of renditions of JFK. I’m too young to remember seeing him as a living man; I always see him … through the lens of the images of him being killed in public.
2015-02-27 03.41.22
These sort of images represent the closest thing I have to a personal style. Usually, some sort of mosaic that possesses the elements of: a human expression, an object, a body part. The three typically add up to something more.
2015-03-03 03.41.43
A good example of an unconscious look at a person combined with words.
2015-03-13 05.11.33
I’m not half bad at traditional sketching … although this was meant to be a toy duck, not a real one.
2015-03-03 03.45.00
Used what I had to represent Master Yun on pen and paper one day.
It was nice to have the chance to add color – although water color or acrylic is always more preferable (than just look nicer). In their absence, the color of these pencils adds drama to the confrontation here. My animal kingdom avatar (the cockatoo) looks on…
Free flowing lines and color represent a monk relaxing.
The frenetic lines and dark eyes don’t need much explanation. This man is angst ridden; sleep deprived …
Dr. Manhattan meets. Ironman.
One of my intellectual role models – Wittgenstein had such an interesting face and experession.
x5 A large canvas painting … lots of movement. I just couldn’t seem to be happy with it; never felt it was “good” enough.
Breaking point.

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