Discard Them

Discard them

Thoughts are just thoughts. Thoughts come from conditioning. Conditioning comes from experience. Experience comes from those before us; that came from the Universe. The Universe came from nothing.

Discard Them.

What’s behind it?

Sights are just Sights. Concoctions of the mind; which is conditioned. Sights come from interpreting based on experience. Experience comes from exposure to the Universe, which has no view.

Discard it.

What’s behind it?

Feelings come from the body. Sensations bring forth feelings. Sensations are conditioned beliefs, based on experience – based on observation. Of what? The Universe has no beginning and no end – Feelings are empty.

Discard Them.

What’s behind them?

Insight comes from the mind; insight comes from thought. Thought comes conditioning. Conditioning comes from attachment to belief. Attachment to belief comes from fear – nature is random. Discard Insight.

Expectations come from thought, come from the mind. They are based on thoughts; which are based on beliefs. Beliefs are based on random factors. The Universe has no agenda.

Discard Expectations.PearlHarbour 051

What’s behind them?

These words are just words.

These Words are Just Empty – Discard them.

Attachment is just attachment – Discard it.

What’s behind it?

I am not here – discard me.

What’s behind it?

And so?


“And I may be a single drop of rain … but I will remain. I’ll be back again … and again … and again …”

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