Philosophical Variant’s Personality Test (Written by M. Todd ~ 2009); Take it for Free.

This test was originally written in 2009, and has had over 30,000 test takers (when combining test takers across and …) …

This was my first attempt at a personality test. It contains 3 overall variables amongst all of the questions which are meant to reveal an underlying personality sensibility.

Like all personality tests, it is implicit. The most popular personality tests today are those such as the Myer’s Briggs and the Enneagram – both of which are poorly researched.

The “Gold Standard” for personality testing (research wise) is the “Big Five Test”. Researchers producing this test literally invented several of the standard statistical measures used for ALL social science merely as a by product of weirdguytrying to put this exam together!

My test is based on the implicit assumption that a group (of my choosing) of the “greatest” philosopher’s of all time, along with statements they have made which get at their core philosophies, and accompanying 4 variable answers, will aim you toward one of the major philosophical outlooks.

Please find the test here and enjoy – >


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