Soiled Sky Ornament (Scorched and Frozen – an immortal fixture)

Soiled Sky Ornament


Set high against the infinite blue sky, a boulder soaks heat

Sitting high in its native disposition, it draws admiration from “movers”.

Rearing upwards into the void, it creases space and stakes claim to it!

Co-Dependent Relationships on a cosmic scale.
Co-Dependent Relationships on a cosmic scale.

But it’s got no thoughts and it simply can’t move at all; it’s inflexible.

If you asked yourself whether or not you admired the notion of fiery, constant pain

Permanent exposure to the elements and a weighty, crafted, creepy posterior.

Mercury sits closest amongst the planets and is likewise stupid and forlorn.

It sits just as stuck in its wearisome orbit; a day is longer than a year – why?

Because the sun carries the yearly trip – The sad space boulder takes 176 earth days to rotate just once on its own volition (planetary bludger).

What’s the result of this dignified, chiseled – stubborn pride? It’s burning up.

It’s burning up on one side and festering in pitch-black filth on the other.

There’s nothing admirable about an inflexible boulder be it ensconced in rainforest faeries, or sitting in the vacuum of space; their archetype is the same:

Slow, lazy, sad and painful movements – or lack thereof, and great extremes … that’s all.

Take a picture and marvel at the Grand Canyon if you ever see it – but if it could talk?

It would complain of perpetual squeamishness and extreme solitude.

It would complain about headaches and slow moving, sleepless nights.


-Michael … February 22, 2016

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