My Art …

Here you’ll find a gallery of my artwork.

Some of it is work I’ve sat on and worked on mindfully – giving it my full attention.

I’ve got several “work” places. I’m lucky enough to call myself self employed (although Lifeline employs me and I proudly follow their policies while at work for them).

I work as clinical psychotherapist; I’m accredited at the sate (CAPANSW) and Federal (PACFA) levels.

I’m working on my second MA, which is turning into a phd …structural-model-of-psyche-2

Finally, I’m constantly playing chess, competing actively, and teaching.

At any given point in time – I’m at work. I create my “artwork” … “while I work”. Usually with just whatever discarded scrap papers are around and a pen or a pencil. Sometimes I’ve got something nicer – sometimes not.

Most of what I do during “work” has a subconscious element to it … well … actually, all art is full of the subconscious. So, those pieces have sub-sub-conscious elements to them.

Some select pieces:




I thought of the piece “Beggar”.


Thick acrylic paints – weird perspective … hard to capture with a camera.The first piece was something I sat on and worked on purposefully; at home.
As self portrait … acrylic …
Breaking from “doing what I want”; I was working from a textbook here, attempting a few important techniques …
The exercise here was the use of darkness in acrylic artwork; darkness defines what the eye sees.
Maybe a bit difficult to make out if you don’t know what you’re looking at; it’s an impromptu sketch of my wife, in her usual state: sleeping, reading, working … one of the three states at any given time.
2014-01-01 22.27.40
A “primitive” sort of self portrait.
2014-11-18 04.55.20
Sartre … this is an example of my work “at” work. I use whatever utensils I have to make something. It begins with the sketch – then the sketch is photographed, then the photograph is manipulated.
2014-11-18 05.32.11
Lots of movement …
2014-12-05 04.07.33
It was draw/painted vertically … but a co-worker interpreted it … left to right (for their own reasons); I’ve posted it in the left to right form!
2014-12-26 18.41.37
Mother. (Not mine … but just .. Mother).
2015-01-23 01.37.29
I used a cut-out sort of figurine I had purchased in San Diego to try to capture a likeness of JFK. I’ve done this some drawing many times – his nose here is particularly broad.
2015-02-27 03.41.22
I wasn’t “angry”; this is as close as I have to a “style” – a sequence of objects … a sort of abstract REBUS.
2015-03-03 03.41.43
Someone I know/knew? Myself? A slew of people? A category of people?
2015-03-03 03.45.00
A role model of mine – Master Hsing is in his 90’s.
2015-03-13 05.11.33
Ducky …
2015-03-17 02.26.16
Working with my “at work” technique” again here.
2015-03-17 03.38.30
Cockatoo’s are a constant source of inspiration in both art and photography.
In this case, it did pretty much directly sum up my feelings at the moment.
Wittgenstein via … Ted Bundy?
Wittgenstein PROPER (I’m proud of this depiction of him – I think I captured him to the best of my abilities.
Toss it all.
Jessica Lange’s character from the t.v. show American Horror Story.
Work process … still life; pencil, whatever I had available.
A good example of utilizing my little 3 pronged technique.
A formal painting … I took this photograph in the first incarnation …
And here in its final incarnation.
Acrylic, on thick paper.
I tried to use the Samsung Galaxy (native) App, Memo, to send my wife a hand crafted SMS.
PearlHarbour 051
Acrylic on canvas.
Having fun during a lull at work … I get a kick out of the randomness of the paper I have available to use. These scrap paper pieces were from the 90’s, according to the footers on them!

The Nan Tien Temple in Wollongong … water color, ink.
I spent quite a bit of time on this acrylic portrait … I just think of the image as a “sick” man; probably myself during a long period of illness (which eventuated in emergency surgery).
Acrylic on Canvas – my mother asked me to make her something. Self portrait … based on a photo … Dr. Who?

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