Impromptu Artwork


You could keep the traditional Freudian model (displayed above) in mind when looking at your own brief artwork (however it manifests for you). Patterns will emerge – there may be nothing to be said for them, but they might make sense to you personally.

Even if you don’t have any artistic proclivities, the smallest details in the way we draw lines, move a pencil on paper or even sign our name could offer a bit of insight.

Here are some random samples


I thought of the piece “Beggar”.

Thick acrylic paints – weird perspective … hard to capture with a camera.The first piece was something I sat on and worked on purposefully; at home.
As self portrait … acrylic …
Breaking from “doing what I want”; I was working from a textbook here, attempting a few important techniques …
The exercise here was the use of darkness in acrylic artwork; darkness defines what the eye sees.
Maybe a bit difficult to make out if you don’t know what you’re looking at; it’s an impromptu sketch of my wife, in her usual state: sleeping, reading, working … one of the three states at any given time.
2014-01-01 22.27.40
A “primitive” sort of self portrait.
2014-11-18 04.55.20
Sartre … this is an example of my work “at” work. I use whatever utensils I have to make something. It begins with the sketch – then the sketch is photographed, then the photograph is manipulated.
2014-12-05 04.07.33
It was draw/painted vertically … but a co-worker interpreted it … left to right (for their own reasons); I’ve posted it in the left to right form!
2014-12-26 18.41.37
Mother. (Not mine … but just .. Mother).
2015-01-23 01.37.29
I used a cut-out sort of figurine I had purchased in San Diego to try to capture a likeness of JFK. I’ve done this some drawing many times – his nose here is particularly broad.
2015-02-27 03.41.22
I wasn’t “angry”; this is as close as I have to a “style” – a sequence of objects … a sort of abstract REBUS.
2015-03-03 03.45.00
A role model of mine – Master Hsing is in his 90’s.
2015-03-13 05.11.33
Ducky …
2015-03-17 02.26.16
Working with my “at work” technique” again here.
2015-03-17 03.38.30
Cockatoo’s are a constant source of inspiration in both art and photography.
In this case, it did pretty much directly sum up my feelings at the moment.
Wittgenstein via … Ted Bundy?
Wittgenstein PROPER (I’m proud of this depiction of him – I think I captured him to the best of my abilities.
Toss it all.
Jessica Lange’s character from the t.v. show American Horror Story.
Work process … still life; pencil, whatever I had available.
A good example of utilizing my little 3 pronged technique.
A formal painting … I took this photograph in the first incarnation …
And here in its final incarnation.
Acrylic, on thick paper.
PearlHarbour 051
Acrylic on canvas.


The Nan Tien Temple in Wollongong … water color, ink.
I spent quite a bit of time on this acrylic portrait … I just think of the image as a “sick” man; probably myself during a long period of illness (which eventuated in emergency surgery).
Acrylic on Canvas – my mother asked me to make her something. Self portrait … based on a photo … Dr. Who?

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